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"Get the project off your desk"

We have all said it:

  • "I don't have enough resources"
  • "My projects are piling up"
  • "I can't bring on anyone full-time"

With these restrictions, how will you meet your goals?

By contracting your Project Management!

You will:

  • Get the project off your desk.
  • Free your calendar of project meetings.
  • Provide a non-permanent resource solution.
  • Get the pesky project across the finish line.

You Will Be Able to Focus on Your Job!

Get the project off your desk!

Jim Moran, PMP offers the following types of project expertise

Project Management:

Get your project across the finish line with a certified Project Management Professional

Supply Chain projects:

Design & develop the ideal supply chain for your product with my network of suppliers

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New Project Launch:

Bring your idea to market quickly with expert engineering & supply chain support

Cost Improvement (VE):

Maximize profitability with a re-imagined supply chain

Virtual Collaboration:

Transition your team to the new virtual workplace

Process & Documentation Development/Creation:

Process creation and analysis with waste identification and elimination

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From Fortune 100 companies to small startups, I have 2 decades of professional experience in:

  • project management
  • new product launch
  • supply chain design
  • engineering & design
  • product cost out
  • global team leadership
  • virtual collaboration


I have worked with companies of all sizes to get critical projects across the finish line, including:

  • Global Fortune 100 companies worth over $36 Billion
  • Small Domestic Businesses
  • Medium Sized International Businesses
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Supplier Network

I have a network of vetted, innovative, preferred suppliers who have proven their ability to provide fast and speedy development at the right price.

Supplier Industries in my network include:

  • Electronics / PCBA / EMS
  • Injection Molded Plastics
  • Metal Stamping, Machining & Springs
  • Metal Casting
  • Rubber Gaskets & Overmolding
  • Packaging

Supply Chain Projects

Second-sourcing and Nearshoring supply chain projects are on the rise.

As heard on WSJ What’s News today - businesses across North America are expanding their supply chain footprint in Mexico. I’ve witnessed this across my clients of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to privately owned companies. This makes sense: the COVID shut down and resulting scramble for components (the supply tidal wave) left most manufacturers without their only source for components. Supply Chain leaders finally have the support (funds) of business leaders to duplicate their supply chain. Also, moving it closer to the plant reduces logistics disasters and congestion at ports.

Another struggle is that there aren’t enough supply chain project management experts to hire full-time to get these projects done.

Supply Chain design/redesign projects are my specialty. I’m finding all CPO’s and business leaders have projects based in 3 main types of projects (some have all 3 as a target):

  1. Second Source for critical components
  2. Nearshore (Localizing) supply chain
  3. Cost-Savings

I’ve had success with projects that have attained all 3 at the same time by utilizing my expansive network of supplier partners in Mexico, USA and globally. I have a dedicated team ready to get these critical supply chain projects across the finish line.

If you need to get these supply chain projects done NOW and correctly, let’s have a conversation. I will make you the hero in your business.

People who like Jim's work

"Jim is a highly professional working person with comprehensive skills in sourcing, project management, and leading teams. He has a strong focus on keeping process control of his projects and related resources. Working in a team with him and his direct reports was a pleasure from a professional and personal point of view."

"Jim is an inspirational leader that coaches his team towards the results. Very attentive to details, processes definitions and also very strong professional networking across the organization. “What does our finish line looks like?” “Let’s define a critical path” “What can we do better?” those are phrases that marked my professional career and I’m grateful to Jim on that."

"Jim is an extremely organized leader who at the same time has the personal as well as professional skills to lead and inspire a team. With his clear view on processes and goals he helped me, my colleagues and project members to focus on the right points to improve the overall result. "Focus on the fights you really can influence" will stay in my mind forever."

Jim's interview on the Bold Patents Podcast

In 2022, Jim shared with an audience of Entrepreneurs and Inventors his 4 keys to designing your supply chain for successful launch.

Jim has launched 100's of products from concept to market introduction. A successful launch gets your product to the customer on time, with top-notch quality, and earning money for the business.

About Jim Moran

I love innovating with people

whether it's bringing innovative products to market, re-imagining legacy products for improved profit, designing creative supply chains to minimize costs or transitioning teams to collaborate in the virtual workplace.

My promise to you

is to share with you my insightful, actionable and innovative project management and leadership techniques I've developed over my 20 years in various product development, project management and global leadership roles. I work with small privately owned companies, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 companies. I have nurtured professional relationships with hundreds of executives, designers, suppliers, project managers, engineers and contacts from businesses all over the world, of all sizes, across many industries.

Certifications & Awards

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified by the Project Management Institute in July 2015

PMI Certification Number 1828914

Patented Inventor

"Cutter Assembly"

US Patent 8,826,959

Mechanical Engineer

BS in mechanical engineering from University of akron

Minor in mathematics

Jim Moran Consultant, LLC

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Jim is based in the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area in the

US Eastern Time Zone and will schedule calls to work with the global community.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I -

I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference"

[Robert Frost - 1916]