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NewesT Podcast:

Leadership on Trial:

Investigating the Failings of Leaders and Their Reluctance to Take Charge.

A new controversial episode of the ''Leadership uncensored with Mohamed & Jim'' series

In the latest episode of the ''leadership uncensored with Mohamed & Jim'' series, the hosts get fired-up as they discuss the importance of using power to bring about positive changes in teams and organizations.

“We examine the obstacles that prevent leaders from stepping up and using their influence effectively. From the fear of change, to the inertia of sticking with what's comfortable, we delve into the reasons why leaders often fall short.

But it's not all criticism and analysis. We also explore practical steps leaders can take to overcome these challenges and become the strong, impactful leaders their teams need.”

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Quick List: Jim's podcast interviews

the Leadership alchemist podcast show - October 29, 2023

leadership without authority, engaging remote teams, and building trust and credibility as a new leader.

Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim - June 14, 2023

Mohamed & Jim share Tips & Advice for New Managers

Goal Crazy Podcast - April 11, 2023

Jim shares with Jason Vandevere more tips and thoughts on leading a team

Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim - January 23, 2023

Mohamed & Jim discuss managing different generations at work

The Bold Patents Show - January 4, 2023

Jim shares his 4 keys to designing supply chains for successful launch

Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim - December 13, 2022

Mohamed & Jim share tips on successful Goal Setting & performance reviews

Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim - November 24, 2022

New monthly series of Catching Fire covers "Quiet Quitting"

Catching Fire: How Teams Win - June 28, 2022

Conversation about challenges leaders face, goal setting & more

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Leadership Uncensored

Co-hosted by Jim & Mohamed

Conversations about the latest topics in leadership & team performance

Podcast Interviews

Links to Podcasts i've been ON

Leadership Podcast Interviews

Podcasts I listen to

List of My favorite podcasts

Pod casts about Business, Leadership

& Personal Growth

Speaking Engagements

engaging discussions

The latest concepts & ideas in business

Goal setting & problem solving

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Podcasts: the most efficient way to learn & grow

I love sharing ideas and learning the latest in leadership, business and personal growth. And podcasts are the most efficient way to learn and grow: they are current, informative, entertaining and you can listen to them whenever and where ever you are.

I've been interviewed on podcasts to share my 20 years of experience as a leader & project manager for a Fortune 100 company.

I currently co-host a podcast called "Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim".

Leadership Uncensored with Jim & Mohamed

Jim is a co-host on a new podcast series under the "Catching Fire" brand.

‘’Leadership Uncensored with Mohamed & Jim’’ is released once per month.

In each episode, Jim and Mohamed Hanbal will have discussions about leadership and team performance topics and newest trends. They share their thoughts and opinions as well as practical advice about some of the most challenging problems that leaders face. They also share real life stories that happened and still happen inside corporations.

The podcast is available on all podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon music.

Episodes of Leadership Uncensored

"Leadership on Trial: Investigating the Failings of Leaders and Their Reluctance to Take Charge"

Released November 16, 2023

"Building Lateral Influence & Trust: Advice for New Managers"

Released June 14, 2023

"Dealing with different generations at work"

Released January 23, 2023

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"Goal Setting"

Released December 13, 2022

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"Quiet Quitting"

Released November 24, 2022

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The Leadership Alchemist Podcast Show

“Join host Paul Hylenski for an instightful conversation with the amazing Jim Moran, a renowned project leaership expert and consultant for global Fortune 500 companies.

We’ll be diving into topics like leadership without authority, engaging remote teams, and building trust and credibility as a new leader.”

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Jim shares his Leadership Thoughts on the Goal Crazy Podcast

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Goal Crazy Podcast

In the Goal Crazy podcast, Jason Vandevere and I share some ideas, tips and leadership thoughts, including:

  • Tips for new managers
  • How to build trust with your team
  • How coaching girls soccer got me started in leadership
  • Meaningful Goals vs Lazy Goals
  • Why I don't do stretch goals for my teams
  • Motivating your team to meet their goals

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The Bold Patents Show

The Bold Patents Show with JD & Matt

In 2022, Jim shared with entrepreneurs and inventors his 4 keys to designing your supply chain for a successful launch

Jim has launched 100's of products, from concept to market introduction. A successful launch gets your product to the customer on time, with top-notch quality, and earn money for the business.

Listen to jim's 4 keys to designing a suppy chain for successful launch!

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Jim's 1st Interview on Catching Fire: How Teams Win

Catching Fire: How Teams Win

In 2021, MOhamed Hanbel interviewed Jim about team leadership topics

Jim shares experiences and thoughts on

  • Biggest challenges leaders face
  • Goal setting & Performance Reviews
  • Keeping your team engaged
  • Lessons from coaching soccer that apply to business leadership

The podcast had such great response, that Jim is now co-hosting sub-category podcast with Mohamed called "Leadership uncensored"

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Podcasts I listen to

If you're not learning, you're standing still.

Here I list the podcasts I frequently listen to for insight on business, leadership and personal growth.

(click the link to visit the podcast page)


Entrepreneurs on Fire - John Lee Dumas

Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn

Build Your Tribe - Chalene & Brock Johnson


All It Takes is a Goal - Jon Acuff

Catching Fire: How Teams Win - Mohamed Hanbal

(Includes the Catching Fire: Leadership Uncensored series co-hosted by yours truly)

Goal Crazy - Jason VanDevere

Personal Growth:

Project Management Happy Hour - Kim Essendrup & Kate Anderson

Bold Patents Podcast - JD Houvener

Speaking Engagements

Grow your team with Jim!

Book Jim to speak with your team about the latest ideas in business, including:

  • Big Company Mindsets - How are big companies managing change and how can you apply to your team?
  • Goal Setting - Set meaningful goals that drive your team toward success.
  • Problem Solving - Best practices for approaching problems and getting quickly to the solution.
  • Tips for Focusing in a Busy Work Environment - When you need to get work done in an atmosphere of distraction.

During the discussion, Jim shares the business concept, his experiences, and actionable items to bring personal and team growth.

About Jim Moran

I love sharing ideas with people.

I love sharing experiences and concepts with teams that are hungry for growth. Whether it's coaching new managers to become confident leaders or speaking to teams about the latest business concepts.

My promise to you

is to share with you my insightful, actionable and innovative business concepts and experiences I've developed over my 20 years in various product development, project management and global leadership roles. I worked with small privately owned companies, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 companies. I have nurtured professional relationships with hundreds of executives, designers, suppliers, project managers, engineers and contacts from businesses all over the world, of all sizes, across many industries.

Coaching is in my blood

There is no greater feeling than watching someone grow into the confident, successful person they were meant to be.

YOU have what it takes to be successful.

I'll provide the soil, water and sunlight, and then watch you bloom.

Certifications & Awards

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified by the Project Management Institute in July 2015

PMI Certification Number 1828914

Patented Inventor

"Cutter Assembly"

US Patent 8,826,959

Mechanical Engineer

BS in mechanical engineering from University of akron

Minor in mathematics

Jim Moran Consultant, LLC

Email Address


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Jim is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the

US Eastern Time Zone and will schedule calls to work with the global community

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"Two roads diverged in a wood and I -

I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference"

[Robert Frost - 1916]