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What could a Master-Level Project Execution Guru do for you that gives you worry-free guarantee of project success?

Grow Revenue With Rapid Market Entry: Swift production scale-up for new products. Dramatically increase revenue by getting quality, profitable product to the customer - before the competition.

Increase Profit Margins with Smart supply chain design: Innovative sourcing-solutions for cost-savings and stress-free supply delivery.

Customer Satisfaction: Deliver quality products on-time, every time to enhance brand loyalty and reputation.

Peace of Mind: Sleep easy knowing your project is in the hands of a Certified Project Management Professional.

Be the Hero: Reach your KPI/targets while the project is completed autonomously.

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Introducing: The STRATEGIZE-PRIORITIZE-OPTIMIZE Framework For Rapid Project Execution - Even Against The Toughest Constraints!

True Story: My client, the operations leader of a Fortune 100 manufacturer you’ve definitely heard of, had to scale their new product launch - fast. They had sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of a new product to a key customer. But their production site had no equipment to build the product at scale. All they had was a budget and a rapidly approaching deadline.

So they called me.

And guess what? They had their production line ready on-time. They delivered to the key customer a quality product - before the competition.

Most importantly, they grew their revenue by over $200 Million.

So how did we pull this off? Here’s what we did:

  • STRATEGIZED a structured execution plan for Rapid Implementation.
  • PRIORITIZED key actions for Consistent Quality Output.
  • OPTIMIZED resources and collaboration methods for Operational Efficiency.

With these 3 project leadership super powers, the operations leader was able to claim the most profitable year on record for their business - in a down economy. And they did it without adding head count. And the Operations Leader was able to focus on their critical job function as the project was executed autonomously.

Now, just imagine how YOU can be the hero for your business by meeting your targets and concentrating on your core function.

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We bring not only the best Project Management tools, but also highly-developed leadership skills to get your project back on track and completed on-time.

But don’t just take my word for it:

“Jim came to us via a recommendation but was unknown to us. That said, I’m delighted to say that Jim quickly built a rapport with the core Global S&OP team, bringing his strong track record of project management to a complex multisite process & system implementation in the US & Mexico. ... Jim was always keen to keep things moving forward, and he implemented some new ways of working that underpinned the project. I would recommend Jim for multi-site, international projects where a solid experienced project manager is required.”

Mike K.

"If your team needs a thoughtful review and some fresh ideas or even reminders of some older ones, book Jim Moran.

Jim brings perspective and new ideas like "growth days" and making "Monday the new Friday." Great ways to shake up the routine and really put some thought and effort into one's own personal and professional growth!"

Tony B.

"Jim is an extremely organized leader who at the same time has the personal as well as professional skills to lead and inspire a team. With his clear view on processes and goals he helped me, my colleagues and project members to focus on the right points to improve the overall result. "Focus on the fights you really can influence" will stay in my mind forever."

Anne W.

"Jim is an inspirational leader that coaches his team towards the results. Very attentive to details, process definitions and also very strong professional networking across the organization. “What does our finish line looks like?”, “Let’s define a critical path”, “What can we do better?” - those are phrases that marked my professional career and I’m grateful to Jim on that."

Petryus F.

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Here’s Jim sharing 4 Keys To Designing Your Supply Chain For Successful Launch with entrepreneurs and inventors on The Bold Patents Show With JD & Matt

Jim is a Project Management Professional (PMP)

certified by the Project Management Institute

Here’s How It Works...

If you’re a manufacturing operations leader, I help you grow revenue by rapidly scaling products using the STRATEGIZE-PRIORITIZE-OPTIMIZE framework.

It’s a whole new way for manufacturing operations leaders to launch new products, by overcoming common obstacles, such as:

- Tight Deadlines and Time Constraints

- Supply Chain Disruptions

- Internal Commutations Breakdowns

- Defects & Scraps

Project manager working with Gantt chart planning schedule, tracking milestones and deliverables and updating tasks progress, scheduling and management skills, program strategy

Which stops your site from achieving:

- Rapid Implementation

- Operational Efficiency and Excellence

- Consistent Quality Output

How I get results for Global Manufacturers:

1. Structured Execution Management

2. Crisis Management and Intervention

3. Resource Optimization

4. Seamless Collaboration Across Functions and Time-Zones

5. KPI Tracking

6. Continuous Improvement Management

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Framework For Rapid Project Execution

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The Global Project Leadership Expert trusted by Fortune 500 manufacturers.

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